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                                              A lethal weapon thugs carried along before killing Robina

It is an eerily reminiscent of the days of a notorious serial killer known as John Waweru aka Black, who murdered several of Makerere University students in early 2000s.
Before the infamous murderer, Black was killed, Makerere University students, had resorted to taking to the streets to protest the killings.  The most vivid one was the one of Barbara Mwesigye, a second-year student of library and information sciences,  who was gunned down in the small hours of the night of April 1, 2001 as she returned from a night outing.  Surprisingly, Barbara’s murder took place inside a hall of residence.
Her assailant, described by police as belonging to a group of serial killers, had earlier walked Barbara to her room before he turned violent. This death brought to four the number of Makerere students who died in violent circumstances.
It is now past a decade, and this somber situation returns.  Several murders similar to the ones that occurred in early 2000s have been recorded in the city recently. The shocking one involves a head teacher of a prominent secondary school in Kampala.
Well, in the first week of July last year; a body of a woman was found in Banda near Kyambogo University in Kampala.  It was later found out that it was the wife of the Headmaster of Old Kampala Senior Secondary School, Martin Mukasa.  Robina Mukasa, the deceased, was kidnapped by three men who killed her and dumped the body in Banda.
What was shocking was the way Mukasa behaved. The morning the body of his wife was found, he had just offered a cow to the students to slaughter; yet there was no cause for such cerebrations. Besides, Mukasa was in the office working normally; he had basically not put any effort to look for his wife who had spent a night out of their marital home in Namungoona.
After the burial of Robina Mukasa, police at Jinja Road Police Station launched an investigation into her murder and zeroed on three men who reportedly kidnapped and killed her.  One of the three men is known as Ibrahim Kayongo, a former ADF fighter.  Kayongo recorded a statement that is the file which is still open at Jinja Road Station.
The OC CID, Jinja Road Police, Ronald Bogere revealed that police investigated the case, but he said that the case was still under investigations.
However, Ibin Senkumbi, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman, said the investigations were comprehensive enough to call for arrest.
“It is still early for police to reveal the culprits, but the investigations are comprehensive enough, anyone found guilty will be apprehended,” Ibin Senkumbi explained, adding that police did not want to reveal the truth so early before suspects involved are apprehended.
Kayongo, one of the suspects is in Upper Prison, Luzira on three robbery cases. He told the New Vision how, together with his other colleagues, killed Robina Mukasa.  The trio, Ibrahim Kayongo; Rashid Dumba and Shadrack, a former SPC through a former CMI operative known as Ssalongo Lubega from Mengo, were contacted by Martin Mukasa; the Headmaster of Old Kampala Secondary school, to kill Robina.
Kayongo says they met Martin Mukasa at Big Brother Bar on Mawanda Road, where he agreed to pay them sh45m to kill his wife. He reportedly paid them sh25m cash and promised to clear the balance immediately they finished killing Robina.
After Mukasa paid them deposit, he gave them guidelines and orders on how to carry out the killing. He ordered them not to shoot; but they were advised to kidnap and strangle, which they did. Mukasa reportedly told them to use Sula’s name because he (Sula) owed money to Robina.  They therefore called her using Sula’s name as if they wanted to pay her the money.
Mukasa had further advised them to call her late in the evening because it was difficult for her to use her car. The trick worked very well; Robina did not use her car; she jumped on to a boda boda and found her killers waiting for her at EANGEN, Lugogo.
On the evening they kidnapped her they called her to Lugogo opposite EANGEN Petrol station on the road going to Lugogo Indoor Stadium, in front of Shell Filling Station.  While she was near where they had parked, one of the killers, as Kayongo prefer to call them; engaged her on phone so that she could not suspect anything. In the few minutes of phone engagement; they bundled   her into their Toyota Corona that had tinted glasses; gagged her with chloroform; drove off to Kololo, where they killed her and later at night dumped the body in Banda.
Kayongo told New Vision that he still demands his balance of sh20m from Martin Mukasa, who ever since changed his phone contacts; they exchanged. He confessed that he is the leader of a 12-man group of killers known as Mobile Killers and Robbers; who operate within the country.  He further revealed that he was in Luzira Prison on three robbery cases.

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